Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessments

Have you carried out a Fire Risk Assessment of your premises yet? At Safety Choice Health & Safety, we take into account your specific business type and requirements when we carry out Fire Risk assessments at your property.

Minimising the risk of fire in your business

Risk is an unfortunate constant to every aspect of life. The best way to combat risk is to perform regular assessments and to ensure that risks identified are reduced to a level as low as reasonably possible.

Fire risk is a particularly dangerous form of risk. You should have the strictest and most stringent of health and safety management systems in place to minimise the possibility of a fire occurring on your property.
fire risk assessment

We offer a comprehensive service

At Safety Choice Health & Safety, we've got an excellent track record of carrying out fire risk assessments and advising on fire control measures. We will assist your management team to decide on fire control expenditure priorities by:

  • Carrying out a qualitative fire risk assessment
  • Devising bespoke fire risk control measures
  • Assisting you to implement fire risk control measures
  • Assisting you to monitor fire risk control measures
  • Carrying out fire safety inspections and audits

Apart from fire safety, we also have the expertise to help with your environmental management. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. 

Risk assessment service
We are available today to advise you on the best fire safety practices by performing fire risk assessments.

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